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Dedicated to improving the health and fitness of athletes of all levels.

the roost

We are not your typical gym! Everything we do can be applied to real life and scaled to each individual athlete. No matter your fitness level or background, you can do crossfit. Classes are coached by certified Crossfit instructors and peer driven, which allows for great motivation and the will to keep going when you might otherwise have given up. The comrodery of this style of gym is like no other and you will find that your peers will become your family. We do not want you to simply workout at The Roost, it is our hope that you become part of our Roost.

Image by Victor Freitas


Ready to give CrossFit a try? Get started with one of these options!

Fundamentals only membership $50 plus tax

Test out the waters and see what CrossFit is all about!
This membership allows you to get your feet wet with
4 fundamental classes for only $55! That's $13.75 per class for hands on instruction from one of our experienced coaches!

Fundamentals with unlimited classes $160 plus tax

Ready to dive in and fully commit to CrossFit?

This membership includes the 4 fundamental classes along with unlimited access to all regular CrossFit, HIIT classes as well as Open Gym. Our coaches are experienced in helping you to scale workouts and movements as needed while you are learning new movements in the Fundamentals classes.

First 4 Saturdays of each month at 7:00AM

- or -

First 4 Wednesdays of each month at 7:30AM

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